Saturday, 23 November 2013

Best Weight loss formula at obesity herbs

Thinner you pack is natural  weight loss formula prepared with the aim to aid the weight loss process.The herbal supplements are made from natural herbs which have no added flavors or preservatives. Thinner YOU PACK is all the natural formulated recently launched by planet ayurveda with the aim to aid the weight losing process naturally.

These are the risks in gain more weight as mentioned below

1.High blood pressure
2.High cholesterol
3.Type 2 diabetes4.
5.Coronary heart disease
7.Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Losing weight can lead to a dramatic shift in your health status and self-awareness. you feel really happy after you lose the weight and you will relieve from the diseases.Weight loss Herbal supplements comprises of 4 herbal products namely: Trim Formula, Stholyantak Churna, Garcinia, Guggul

1. Trim Support formula of obesity herbs consists of Garcinia, Mustak, Triphala. All these herbs are very effective in reducing weight around the abdomen.

2.    Stholyantak churna of obesity herbs consists of Agnimanth, arjuna, triphala, ashok, kalmegh, babool, chitrak, mustak, vidang, dalchini, neem, brahmi, shigru, jamun. All these herbs when put together serve as a herbal supplement for weight loss of whole body.

3.    Garcinia extract is used, which is a Weight loss supplements. This herb does weight loss of whole body.

4.    Guggul extract is used, which is a herbal supplement for weight loss. This herb is very effective in doing weight loss from all over the body.

The product is now available for the online purchase!

         Trim Support  Guggul Capsules  Garcinia Capsules     Stholyantak
       1 Bottle      2 Bottle       1 Bottle        1 Bottle

1 Month Supply = $ 154.00

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TRIM SUPPORT 2 Capsules Twice Daily After Meals
GARCINIA 2 Capsules Twice Daily
GUGGUL CAPSULES 1 Capsules twice daily
STHOLYANTAK  CHURNA1 tablespoon Twice daily can be consumed by mixing in water

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